Woodcrafters’ factory in Chatsworth, CA

Daniel Garner began his trade in cabinetmaking and millwork at Los Angeles Trade Technical college in downtown LA in 1977.  At the same time he maintained a small workshop in Hollywood and used his Honda 70CC to get between both places.  Eventually he moved into an apartment in Burbank where he worked out of his garage until he was busted by the Zoning inspector for illegally operating a workshop in a residential zone.  Dan went legitimate, forming ‘WOODCRAFTERS’ in 1991 and moved his business to an appropriate industrial zoned neighborhood in North Hollywood.  Currently he operates a 3,000 s.f. factory in Chatsworth, CA working with renowned Architects and clients with a focus on high end residential projects. 

“When I was 7 my mom bought a chair & ottoman at a garage sale.  My friends and I had a lot of fun spinning & jumping on that chair and eventually breaking its leg.  When I got older I realized that the chair that I had abused as a kid was actually called the ‘Mr Chair’ designed by George Mulhauser & manufactured by Plycraft.  Many years later, I painstakingly restored & refinished that chair, crafting a laminated, tapered and curved leg of walnut.  Today it’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture.”

Daniel Garner, CEO, Woodcrafters